A letter from the Developer,


Mosquitosoft is a very small studio consisting of just myself, Glen Goring. Mosquitosoft as a website is basically a home for my projects large and small to be promoted and for my skills and abilities to be displayed for prospective employers etc. 

As a business, Mosquitosoft is the title I use to publish my work, such as my current project KittyCatch.

KittyCatch was created over a period of approximately two years,  the entire project from end to end was produced by myself. I have a love of games and love of technology so I used KittyCatch as a vessel to combine these passions in order to enhance my skills as a developer, and artist. In fact prior to embarking on KittyCatch I didn't really know I had the ability to draw anything artistic, the need to produce content for my projects simply meant I had to just give it a shot.

KittyCatch is written in ActionScript 3 using the Starling 2D framework. Basing this project on Starling, and Adobe Air gave me the ability to create something relatively large like a fully featured mobile/web game. Starling leverage's the power of a devices GPU, to give smooth performance of 2D graphics despite using the Adobe Air runtime which hasn't been known for it’s performance. Using these frameworks allows me to publish my content platform agnostic, so I can make one game and publish to both Android, iOS and even Web.

As a solo developer coding a relatively large game in "Native" code for both Android(Java, OpenGL) and iOS(Xcode etc.) or even Web on top that (Flash, HTML5), would be impossible for just one person. 

Through this experience I learned to produce a modest Mobile game entirely from end to end of the production pipeline. Much of the last two years was consumed by learning the tools, learning a new language, reading many books, completing countless tutorials and scanning through thousands of forum posts. Truthfully, producing all the art assets with no skills prior was the most labour intensive aspect of the project, the actual coding time and the amount of code produced seems relatively small in comparison to the time put into the art creation and the time spent studying. That's not to say that KittyCatch is light on the code side, the source is also fairly large for a personal project.

Other technologies utilised in KittyCatch are: 

  • Nape Physics Library. Nape is a super optimised free and open source physics library, written for ActionScript and HAX. It is far less cumbersome than alternative libraries such as Box2D. Nape also works fantastically well with Starling 2D acceleration.

  • DragonBones 2D skeletal animation framework is an amazing piece of technology allowing for smooth lightweight animations of 2D characters. The biggest gains come from massively reduced texture sizes and memory load. This method of animating characters simply eclipses traditional methods using large sprite sheets and frame by frame MovieClips.

In the future I intend to code a fully native version of KittyCatch for Android(personal preference) to further enhance my skills and explore my curiosity of OpenGL. Now that I have all the artwork, coding is a much more streamlined process.

This is an incredibly exciting time in the technology space, the advent of truly powerful mobile devices "Smart Phones" has given rise to so many opportunities and allows a platform for even the smallest of groups to get creative and produce content on a low budget and reach potentially millions of people.

Creating a project of this size simply would not be possible without all the tools, libraries and frameworks existing today being focused on mobile.

I hope  people can enjoy playing KittyCatch as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thank you, Glen Goring.